A people's history of tennis

Een nieuw boek van David Berry uitgegeven bij Pluto Press in London. Met een bijdrage van Smashing Pink. En volgende week de podcast online bij Pluto Press over de lancering van het boek met o.a. Niek van der Spek. 

Pristine lawns, tennis whites, strawberries and cream, tennis is synonymous with the upper echelons of society, but scratch beneath the surface and you'll quickly discover a different history, one of untold struggles on and off the courts. From the birth of modern tennis in Victorian Britain to the present day, we bear witness to struggles around sexuality, gender, race and class that have transformed the nature of tennis and sport itself. A People's History of Tennis is populated by diverse voices, recounting the sport's gay origins, 'Workers' Wimbledon', battles for gender equality and more. Going beyond centre court, this book reveals the hidden history of the game, providing a rich account of the challenges faced and victories won.

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