Save the date, 21 March

A lot of you probably expect that the registration for the Amsterdam Pinkster Tournament 2021 opens this year – like every other year – on 14 February, Valentine’s Day.

As Europe and the rest of the world is dealing with another wave of the Corona Pandemic, we have decided to postpone the opening of the registration for the Pinkster Tournament 2021. We still hope the Pinkster Tournament can take place in May, especially because it is a GLTA Masters Series tournament, Smashing Pink is celebrating her 25th birthday and that we can hardly wait to meet you all again on court! Therefore, we want to inform you about some important dates.

21 March, Beginning of Spring: Registration opens for the Pinkster Tournament 2021 on the GLTA Website

21 May – 24 May: Pinkster Tournament 2021, Amsterdam Masters.

Plenty of information will follow soon. Check your email, the Pinkster Tournament website and follow our social media channels.

Spring, symbol of new life

We hope that choosing 21 March as the opening of the registration brings us good luck and fortune. It symbolizes the start of a new beginning.

Let’s hope that this becomes reality!

Warm regards,
Your Pinkster Tournament Team

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