KNLTB Spring Competition 2023: English version

Registration is open, last day for registration is December 1st 2022. Fill in this form to register.

Points of attention Spring Competition 2023

  • You can register until Thursday 1 December 2022.
  • You can sign up with up to 4 players (including yourself) for the same team. This rule ensures that there is more flexibility in the division and that players who register without a team can enter more easily.
  • As a full-time player you play on at least 6 of the 7 competition days. As a part-time player on 4 out of 7 days. On the days you're not playing, it's nice if you come and cheer your team on. Make a note of all playing and catch-up days in your agenda and keep them free! Don't assume that you can plan a holiday on a match day, for example, because that depends entirely on how many players you are assigned, whether there are unexpected injuries or whether people are unable to play for a really urgent reason. Playing a GLTA tournament (other than the Pinkster Tournament) during the competition period is therefore NOT allowed.
  • This year there are also doubles competitions (level 6 and 7). Sign up for the doubles competition if you don't want to play singles.
  • On every match day, 2 captains playing at home are responsible for a smooth court distribution and a smooth course of the matches.
  • Also read the rules at the bottom of this article.

Playing competition for Smashing Pink is fun and sociable, but also comes with responsibility. As a team member you contribute to the success of the team. The team is counting on you. If you are not available at least 6 out of 7 times, you can only register as a reserve or part-time player. Please note that competition days can be long. Sometimes the matches don't start until the afternoon and the fun afterwards often continues until the small hours...

Number of teams. 

  • Smashing Pink takes part in the competition with a maximum of 16 - 18 teams on Saturday/Sunday and 2 teams on Tuesday: mixed, women, men and 35+.
  • The women's and men's teams on Saturday and Sunday play 4 singles and 2 doubles or 3 singles and 2 doubles.  
  • The mixed teams on Saturday and mixed 35+ on Sunday will play one women's and one men's singles, one women's and one men's doubles and one mixed doubles. 
  • The (mix) doubles teams play 4 doubles matches. It is clearly indicated on the registration form: 2E, 3D means 2 singles and 3 doubles. 
  • In order to increase the number of teams on Sunday, and thus reduce the crowds on Saturday, we ask you to take a look at the options on Sunday. All options are now listed on the form.

Teams. When classifying, we take into account the level of players in order to arrive at a balanced team composition. In principle, a team consists of 6 full-time competition players. You can indicate on the form which other players you want to form a team with and on which day and in which competition type you want to play. The number of players you can sign up with is capped at 4 players (including yourself) to provide more flexibility in scheduling and to make it easier for players who sign up without a team to enter. Ideally, the players you are signing up with are of equal level and each player of the team is signing up the same 4 players.

You can indicate which type of competition you prefer to play. In addition, indicate at least one other competition type as an alternative. If we cannot place you in your preference or indicated alternative, the competition committee will contact you.

Spring Competition period 2023. The spring competition covers 7 match days in the period between April 8 and May 30, 2022 and also has catch-up days. The start time of the matches can vary from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. The end times are therefore between 3:00 PM and 11:00 PM! Look here for the exact playing and catch-up days and write them down in your agenda!

Reserve players. Registration as a reserve player is also possible. You are then available on a call basis for stand-ins. Please also use the registration form for this.

Cost competition. The competition costs for balls and the mandatory contribution to the KNLTB are not yet known. It will probably be an amount of € 120 - € 150 per team.

The competition committee is excited! We hope for many registrations and a fantastic spring competition!

Questions? Mail them to:


De Competitie committee  Marion (VCL), Babs, Bart en Petra


Rules for registration and participation in the KNLTB spring competition 2023

  1. You can indicate your preference as a full-time player, part-time player or reserve player and for match day, competition type and team composition.
  2. If you want to play 'full-time', you are in principle available and deployable for seven, but at least six playing days and the catch-up days. As a part-time player you are available and deployable at least 4 times.
  3. If you don't want to play singles, sign up for the doubles competition.
  4. Each team has a captain (KNLTB obligation). You can register for this on the registration form. An instruction meeting is organized for the captains on the opening day of the season.
  5. On each competition day, the captains of 2 teams are responsible for the smooth running and efficient use of the court in the competition matches of all Pink teams playing at home on that day.
  6. If you are unable to play in full on the first day of competition due to an injury or for any other reason, please notify the VCL by e-mail no later than 12 March 2023 ( Until that date, you do not owe a competition contribution. We can then make changes to the team if necessary.
  7. You can register for the KNLTB competition on behalf of two clubs. For this, Smashing Pink has to request dispensation from the KNLB, so always put this under 'comments'.
  8. Players who participate in the competition on the weekend may also participate in the competition on a weekday, if there is enough space.
  9. If your registration arrives after the closing date, you may be placed on the reserve list.


Rules for assembling the teams

  1. The competition committee makes the team layout based on playing strength and specified wishes.
  2. The competition committee determines on the basis of registrations, the preference for match day and competition type in which competition types will actually be played.
  3. A team consists of 4 to 8 players.
  4. The current rating of the KNLTB determines the playing strength. If necessary, results of GLTA competitions are included. Advice can also be obtained from the trainers of Smashing Pink.
  5. Players from the reserve list can still be assigned if a place becomes available.
  6. The Association Competition Leader (VCL) is ultimately responsible. She reserves the right to make changes to the composition of the teams both before and during the competition.
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