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Smashing Pink website. Here you will find information how to log in, make a court reservation and how to subscribe for Smashing Pink activities.

When you are on the website of Smashing Pink, the first thing to do is LOG IN.

To log in you click on the button like shown above. In the upper right corner of the page you will find 4 buttons of which you choose the most left one. Click on it and the inlog screen will open. When you are here for the first time, fill in your username (which is always your email address as known in your member registration of Smashing Pink).

Now you have to click on "opvragen?". This is to request your password for the site, which will be send immediately to your email address. Open your mail and you will find a temporarily password. Fill in the password in the field called "wachtwoord", and click the button "inloggen". Now the system will ask you to make your own password. Remember it or write it down, cause this will always be you login password together with you username/email address.

From now on, always login when you go to the website, because logged in members will see much more information about the club, activities, subscription, court reservation, personal information and club documents.

Still problems with login, please click here to send us a message.

Important links are:

  This button on the homepage will give you access to make a court reservation (the button here is also activated for it).

You also have access to the reservation page by clicking activiteiten > afhangen. You will see your name as first in the reservation form, and you have to add 1 or 3 other players by filling in their names. They will pop up automatically so you can select them. Now click "overzicht" button, which will show you all available times on court 10. For checking other courts just click on them. Select the day and time of your preference and click "reserveer". Now you will see your reservation and click "reserveer" again to confirm. You can always delete your reservation by clicking "verwijderen". You have to comfirm your reservation at the venue (see point nr.1 beneath). You can always see the reservation you made at the menu activiteiten > baanbezetting. When you slide your cursor over the reservations you will see the names of the people who made a reservation.

Rules for court reservations are:

1. You can make 3 reservations until one of them has been played, with adding 1(singles) or 3(doubles) other member to the reservation. The reservation will give you the right to play 60 minutes between 8am and 11pm. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 5 and 8 pm reservation time is 45 minutes. When you arrive at the tennis venue you will have to confirm your reservation by sliding all membership cards of the participants throught the slot holder on the right of the reservation terminal.  You will find the reservation terminal in the hallway to the inside courts at the clubs bar building. Only when you have finished playing one of your reservations, you can make a new reservation or extend your playing time if courts are available.

2. Important. When making a reservation and you see "maximale aantal reserveringen" it means that you or one of your other tennis partners, already have 3 open reservations which has not been played yet. This means you cannot make a new reservation. Only when one of your reservations has been played, or canceled, you can make a new reservation.

Subscribe for activities / Agenda:

To subscribe for our activities, you go to the agenda where you will find all our activities (bottom homepage or activiteiten > agenda). When you see "registreren" it means you will have to subscribe for the activity. When it's not there it means that you just come to the activity, no subscription needed.

In the menu "over" you will find general info about our club and who is who for instance under Over > bestuur en commissies (only in dutch). You can find all the different committees and their contact details. For instance questions about training: send an email to training, questions about the website (communicatie) send an email to redactie.

In the menu "activiteiten" you will find articles about all our activities.

In the menu Tennisles > tennisles en training you'll find the information about tennis classes. Or you can get in touch with Petra Wentzel who will tell you all about it.

In the menu "competitie" you will find all info about our national KNLTB competition, the teams, when and where they play.

Want to join international gay tennis tournaments? -a lot of our members participate regularly- find all of them at GLTA website (Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance).