Inviting someone to the club

As a Smashing Pink member, it is possible to invite non-Smashing Pink members to the club for the price of €10,- per session. However, there are some clear rules for doing that!

Inviting someone to the club is only possible:

  • Monday through Friday between 9am-4pm; and also
  • Tuesday through Thursday evening between 8-11pm

(On Monday and Friday evening there’s of course our toss event.)

A Smashing Pink member can invite someone to the club only up to 5 times a year! Additionally, a non-Smashing Pink member can participate in a toss event (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday morning or Monday/Friday evening) up to 2 times a year.
(The participation in a toss event is for free and does not have to be registered.)

Moreover, you are also happy to invite others for free to our Opening Toss (in April), our Open Day (in July), and our Gay Pride Toss (in August).

More info on the procedure for inviting someone, please click below on 'Lees meer'



1.    Check on the website/ClubApp when there’s still a court available in the allowed time period;

2.    The Smashing Pink members transfers €10,- to Smashing Pink’s bank account number NL17INGB0007013396 mentioning in the comment box: own name/name of invitee/date and time of session;

3.    Only then, you’re allowed to make a reservation on the website/ClubApp! Use for the second person a temporary card number, the available temporary card numbers are (in ClubApp: “Tijdelijke pas introducee”):


If you used a number and the reservation is not possible because of the warning “maximale aantal reserveringen”, use another temporary number instead (it means that number has already been used to the max).

4.    Confirm your reservation at the club by swiping your own KNLTB card and also the corresponding card of the temporary card number you used which hangs alongside the terminal. If you don’t confirm your reservation at the club, others can still book your court instead and your reservation will be in vain.

You are only allowed to use a temporary card number/the temporary card itself for inviting someone to the club following the aforementioned procedure! We can track down every time a temporary card number has been used on the website/ClubApp and/or the temporary card has been used at the club! In case we didn’t receive the invitational fee by bank transfer, we will still send you an invoice nevertheless and this misuse is also liable to a penalty!

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